Davolee – Festival Bar 3 + Lyrics

Davolee – Festival Bar 3

Davolee – Festival Bar 3

Nigerian talented rapper, Davolee premieres a new ethical song dubbed  “Festival Bar 3”

The New Song is lifted from his recent project titled “Festival Bar”.

Listen below and enjoy!


Sound check
Go, so, before I start the balls
Hope say you dey buy my song?
‘Cause if na few dey get am
Then that one no be love
It takes a whole lot for me to keep your years on check
Won ni kin ma foh se, o da mani esobe
Festival bar part three (ileka)
Gbogbo igba timi fin shey motor boy
Mio n kin shey freestyle sori IG
Why? ’cause the work dey weak man
I no get enough time to show the world the beast part
Not ’til the very day toh deny me ni visa
Gat dem, I never talk as the visa matter be
Molegbon kan ni Yankee
Ohun lo duro bi baba mi, iya mi, egbon mi, paddy mi ati ore mi
Doin’ all his possible best over there to connect me
Kin to sheju, wonti carry out necessary document
Rodo tin lo Yankee
E gbo gan, talo fe forun be? who dey
Mo tin gbara di lati fi Naija le
Ti ma de Embassy lasan, won fo mi je bi palm kernel
Woni kadara e ni, hand writin’ e, iwo lo ko
Mode ti determine pe mio ni pada shey motor boy
Lai nishey lowo, odo iya onike oshe pada si
Oro di hmm, oro pe si je, talo ma gba mi?
But then mio ni choice, I had to go back home broke
Big dreams lori Mouka foam with the hope
Pe lojo kan mo ma to ma fo biti dove
‘Cause dem never knew I’m an oracle
But shey you see that very day ti Sir Tuna wa ki iya onike
Oh no, e ma ro boya Jesu lo jin de
Won fe fimi gba star, nishey loni kin rap
Ashey won’le gbori duro nibi ton ti ju bass
From that moment, I knew I was ready
Sugbon hustle mi shi foju jo Balotelli
Picked up my phone the next mornin’
Did it for the ‘gram, couple weeks dem hungry
Wo, 62 steady straight days mo fin drop bass sori IG
Koto di pe’yin gbo bayi
Four views, 20 comments ni mo ma n ni
Ninu comment yen, emi na lema tun ri
Tani mio tag tan? boya koi ti blow
Gbogbo awon celebrity yi nimo be fun repost
Always on the ‘gram, took it as a grind
But was not makin’ a dime with the hope pe oshi le da, ah
At some point, I was fucked up
O n shey mi bi kin bosho, kin ma lo bustop
I begin to think so deep ’cause I was fed up
Ab’oti sa si mi ni? but what if I had offend God, hmm
‘Cause cover orin wo lawa o kin shey?
K’ema demand 20 verse a day, agbara mi gbe
‘Cause I wanted attention, mo de mo pe e ma gbo se
Over a 100 covers, BaseOne lo fun mi ni audience
So, I say big shoutout to Base
But then mio n loose guard
I still para the same
Did couple challenge by Hennessy VS class
So, I got big, l’egungun dudu fe trespass
Ninu over 3, 000 people, won mu best 10
Ah, so, that very night, a pade ni FM
So, we go on air, we had to drop bass
Ko mu winner, but the judge no dey understand Yoruba, y’all did me bad
‘Cause everybody for my hood dey listen live
That was one in the midnight but dey still dey reason am
Couple minute, Baddo Sneh is now followin’ you
Competitions hand down, emi ya tewo gba’re tuntun, hmm
So, I got a DM, baba say make I no cast am
Won ni pe kin calm down, kin mai ti je ko gbon npa e
Couple questions and he said I should be prayerful
O pe koto ye mi pe’mo ologo ye jagun
Anyways, we’ve got to see
Won tin gbo’hun daddy yin
Ojo timo ko ko rap fun Baddo
You don’t know how it feels
‘Cause I was so determined
Mo de mo pe mo ma win
But everythin’ seems not cool ’cause I dey over heat
Many things went down like “Detty December”
At some point, all my courage be like buried credentials
But mehn, I’m very sorry we never had to speak before I left
But I had to move, tori won ni ina o kin ti’na ale
‘Cause as at four years ago for real
Nobody knew me
Nigba yen bi 97 lemi ton bo ninu mi
When I got the platform, o ye k’awon emi yen multiply
Oya mi lenu bi mo n shey struggle pelu emi 45
I’m not here to preach but then I feel there’s more to it
Felt I left my talents, thank him but I still to got the risk
Sincerely, I can be so cool but don’t you fuck with me
Gbogbo wa la loko ndi but eni ton hustle l’okurin
So, tram ’bout me, I’m not about the tensions
‘Cause then I no dey fit dey sleep again and that’s depression
Iya onike shiwa ni Ikotun, she fit dey battle bedbug
Arogidigba ma lon reti, mi ma le carry airbus “The Genius”
So, guess what?
Shekwaz on the Mix
Aye (aye)
Aye (aye)
Aye (aye)
Aye (aye)

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