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Do guys keep using MARRIAGE to manipulate girls..? And Do Girls keep falling..?


Do guys keep using MARRIAGE to manipulate girls..? And Do Girls keep falling..?

Joro Olumofin talks about how some guys play with ladies hearts thereby using and probably dumping them. But however some of this is entirely untrue. So let’s hear it from the men and the ladies. It’s a big topic.

  • They ask their friends and family members to call you Iyawo wa. You too Because they call you “iyawo wa” without ring, major commitment or introduction in your mind now you’re a wife and you’re busy washing plate, cleaning toilets and cooking up and down. Eya 😭
  • Guys be like Your first name fits my surname perfectly E.g Mrs Amaka Okonkwo, Mrs Tope Johnson, Mrs Tolu Clark.. and from that day on he starts calling you Mrs plus his surname 😭😭
  • He used your name and his name to create wedding hashtag and it’s just 2 weeks of dating. E.g (A) #TobiChi2020 , (B)#UsForeverBodeTito2020 (C)#LoveSweetOEmekaClara2020 (D)#LoveinTokyo2020 (E)#MeetTheOlugbades2020 😡😡😡😡🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Guys be like I would love my kids to have your eyes on the first date, please tell me you’re AA Genotype .. 😅🤣
  • He gave you assignment to go and look for Baby names. You too spent 5 hours online looking for English and Greek names 🤣🤣
  • Lets have sex I want to see if we’re sexually compatible before you meet my mom.. 🤥😫😫
  • I cheated on you 7 times but Take me back and I will marry you this year.
  • He sends you web links for honeymoon destinations and it’s not 2 months of dating. 😭🤣
  • We need to have sex more than 10 times before I commit. Sexually compatibility is key baby 😤😤
  • Send me 3 business proposals. I want to invest in you

What’s your opinion on this..?

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