Here Are 20 Recommended Tips To Avoid Getting Kidnapped In Northern Nigeria (Must see)


Here Are 20 Recommended Tips To Avoid Getting Kidnapped In Northern Nigeria (Must see)

Shocked..? Oh Don’t be so shocked, it’s all over the place, insecurity is now the order of the day, there’s a barely a day you don’t hear of a kidnapping or killing or something much worse (Like the Lekki Toll Gate Denial).

Welcome to Epicnaija.com and today we are carefully dishing out 20 recommended tips on how not to get kidnapped while traveling to Northern Nigeria.

Disclaimer: This article in no way discourages you from visiting Northern Nigeria, it’s only for educational and awareness purposes; Who knows..? They might come handy.

  1. Don’t leave too early or in the late hours.
  2. Dress light for easy running or camping after capture.
  3. Don’t wear expensive clothes and jewelry.
  4. Get latest Intel on route and flash points.
  5. Be vigilant and observant
  6. Commercial vehicles are a good source of intel and situational awareness
  7. Big titles on phone attract big price (Alhaji, Chief, Emir, General e.t.c)
  8. If possible travel using an average car.
  9. Don’t Stop to buy anything/ease yourself, until you reach your destination.
  10. Driver and passengers should focus on the road.
  11. Observe the movement on the other lane. (very important).
  12. Be calm and ready to make a timely judgement.
  13. If you can, avoid displaying materials that are affiliated with security agencies.
  14. Convoy movement has been an ineffective deterrent, as such maintain enough distance to make fast decision and maneuver.
  15. Observe checkpoints, security forces don’t dress like hoodlums and riff raffs (urrrh maybe not, I’ve seen worse).
  16. Worst case scenario, don’t run (criminals are now ruthless unlike a few years back)
  17. Observe the environment and conserve energy for the long journey ahead, mostly on foot and motorcycle.
  18. Don’t say No one will pay to secure your release (very dangerous).
  19. These are tips based on monitoring of security devt, It doesn’t mean shield and protection.
  20. Lastly, It’s you and your God. Prepare for the worst but expect the best. Good luck.

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